How much do webinars cost?

The Source for Learning, Inc. (SFL) offers all webinars at no charge.  Yes, we said FREE – with no strings attached.

What are the qualifications of your presenters?

SFL presenters are staff, consultants, and guests who donate their time to the organization. SFL presenters/contributors have education and extensive hands-on experience in the field related to the topic that is being presented. Check out our Contributor Directory page to learn more about our presenters/contributors.  

How many people can attend a live webinar?

We can typically accommodate everyone who is interested in joining the webinar. If you receive a "full webinar" notification, please visit our website to learn how you can watch the recording of that webinar and earn a professional learning certificate! New webinar recording links are posted on our website 1-2 business days after the live webinar. Recordings can be accessed 24/7 on our Webinar Archives page.

How long are the webinars?

Webinars vary in length, but they typically last one hour. The scheduled duration for each webinar is listed on the announcement.

Who should attend the webinars?

All early childhood educators, early childhood program administrators, principals, coaches, and mentors are welcome to attend. We invite everyone who would like to attend. We also encourage everyone to share information about our webinars with colleagues. We offer a synopsis of each webinar that will help professionals determine if the topic is relevant to them.

How do I sign up to attend a webinar?

You may register for a webinar on the Webinars page or click here to sign up to receive future webinar announcements. 

What if I am not sure I can attend the webinar?

We understand that early childhood educators are very busy and cannot always commit to attending professional development. If you are interested in the topic, we encourage you to register.  If you are not able to attend, we will email you the link to view the webinar recording. You may also watch the webinar recording on the Webinar Archives page.

Will I receive a reminder if I sign up to attend a webinar?

When you register to participate in a webinar, you will receive three reminders to attend:  one week prior, one day prior, and one hour prior.

How do I log onto the webinar?

Simply click on the link in the confirmation email you receive after you register for a webinar.

Can I join the webinar through a mobile device?

Yes. Follow these steps:  First, download the free GoToWebinar app on the App Store, Google Play or Windows store. Once installed, it’s much like joining from a computer. Simply click the link in your confirmation email or open the app and enter the session ID.

How do I participate during a webinar?

There are two ways to participate during a webinar:  through poll questions and by using the chat box on the control panel. We highly encourage participation and presenters love to see your comments and questions!

Can I ask questions during a webinar?

Yes. At any time during the webinar, participants can type questions and comments in the chat box located on the control panel.  

How can I access handouts from webinars?

Handouts are available in the handout section of your control panel. Simply click on the handout that you want to view or download.

Do attendees receive a certificate for attending a live webinar?

Yes. To receive a professional learning certificate, the attendee must participate in the live webinar by audio and video (you should be able to see the slides), view the webinar in its entirety, and complete a brief survey at the end of the webinar. A follow-up email sent a few days after the live webinar also includes the survey link. Attendees must indicate they wish to receive a certificate and answer one assessment question in 30-50 words on the survey form. SFL's ECE staff will verify your attendance along with your response to the assessment question; a certificate will be emailed within 2-3 business days following the live webinar.

When can I watch webinar recordings?

New webinar recording links are posted on our website 3-4 business days after the live webinar. Recordings can be accessed 24/7 on our Webinar Archives page.

Will I receive a certificate for viewing a recorded webinar?

Yes! You can request a professional learning certificate using the registration page directly preceding the webinar recording. To be eligible, you must watch the webinar in its entirety and complete a brief survey following the webinar. Attendees must answer the assessment question in 30-50 words on the survey form. SFL's ECE staff will verify your attendance along with your response to the assessment question; a certificate will be emailed via the email address you provided on the registration form within 2-3 business days.


Can I access handouts for the recorded webinars?

Yes. Click the handout link below the webinar title, on our Webinar Archives page to access handout.

Can I earn CEUs or professional development (PD) clock hours by watching a webinar?

We do not offer CEUs for viewing live and recorded webinars, however we do provide professional learning certificates with PD clock hours.

Can I use a professional learning certificate to fulfill my state's PD requirements?

Professional development requirements vary from state to state. Consult your state's guidelines to determine whether you can use the professional learning certificates we provide to webinar attendees as proof of professional learning.

What are the system requirements for GoToWebinar?

How to contact us?

Our business hours are M-F 9-5:30 PM ET. For any additional questions, feel free to email us at Please allow 24-48 business hours for inquiries to be addressed.