Language, Cultural and Character Education Teacher, Sunset Hills Montessori School

Rozemarijn Gesquiere is originally from Belgium; her mother tongue is Flemish. She relocated to the USA at the start of 2017 after having lived in Canada, France, and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. In Dubai, Roze was Lead Librarian at Horizon English School for nearly 4 years, where she set up a new library and created a library program to promote a love of literacy. Her passion and dedication were rewarded when she won the “School Librarian of the UAE” award for 2 consecutive years at the prestigious Emirates Airline Festival of Literature.  For the past 4 years, Roze has been a teacher at the Sunset Hills Montessori School in Reston, Virginia. She is currently the Language, Cultural, and Character Education teacher for 1st to 4th grade students. Roze uses books as an introduction and anchor point for her lessons on a daily basis. Roze is a master storyteller; her enthusiasm encourages and nurtures a love of reading and learning for her students.